Strahlenschutz Karte Quantenschild Hochaktiv

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9 vorrätig

Strahlenschutz , Packung mit 1 Stück, gegen Mobilfunkstrahlung (5G, 4G, 3G), WLAN Strahlung, Mikrowellen und gegen Elektrosmog.

Strahlenschutz Quantenschield, Packung mit 1 Stück, gegen Mobilfunkstrahlung (5G, 4G, 3G), WLAN Strahlung, Mikrowellen und gegen Elektrosmog.

Mit den neuen Strahlschutz Aufklebern (Quantum Shield), schützen Sie sich und Ihre Familie, vor schädlicher Mobilfunkstrahlung durch Smartphones oder schädlichem Elektrosmog von Haushaltsgeräten. Hochfrequenz Kriegstechnick 5G Türme mit Illegaler VOV-19 ID Strahlung:

Der Strahlenschutz Karte, kann die Strahlung Ihrer Geräte wie Mobiltelefone, Router, TV- und andere Quellen und Geräte brechen, somit erheblich reduzieren.

Inhalt: 1x Strahlenschutz Hochfrequente Karte (Quantum Shield)


The World today is on a verge of facing a serious crisis of Energy, Fuels and sources that can be used as energy generators.

Electricity is one such energy form we are totally dependent upon for our day-to-day activities. All Industrial and Commercial activities consume Electricity as the basic source.

However, these days, traditional sources of electricity generation are limited and also tend to be more pollution prone. Such sources are not only limited, but also are very costly and non-renewable. Tough we are coming up with new sources of generating electricity, such as Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Tidal Energy and many more; generating Electricity by such renewable & eco-friendly sources needs huge economic investments. Moreover, amount of Electricity generated using such sources is not economically proportionate to the investment done.

Then how are we going to face such situations? How are we going to tackle such difficulties?

Till the time we discover some source of generating electrical energy, the simple solution to the problem is – TO SAVE.

Saving what we have right now can itself become the source of electricity.

Today, there are many products available in the market who claims to provide the solution to save on Electricity. However, such products also needs some considerable investments, installations for them might need some modification in your existing infrastructures leads to inconvenience & costly. Many of such products them-self needs electricity for their operation.

Considering all the scenarios above, E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card have come with a wonderful solution: E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card …!!

The E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card is one of the unique innovative products which mainly use proprietary vibration waves with 21st Century US GERMAN NANO technology. This device is so user-friendly and available in a size like a simple debit card.

This wonderful product is very useful & effective in saving electricity, primarily at Residential, Commercial & Industrial areas. It helps reducing heat and EMR wastage of electrical energy leading to effective & maximum utilization of energy, leading us to save on our electricity bills.

Depending upon the type & amount of electricity usage,E-ON Power The Electricity Saver Card helps us achieving cut-down on our Electricity bills with remarkable Upto 30%.


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